24/7 access to data centers without the costs of larger colocation plans.

    Listing Item Secure data center

    Listing Item World-class colocation facility

    Listing Item Redundant power supply

    Listing Item排列五众彩中三码多少钱排比 Multiple layers of security

    Listing Item On-site workspace

    Listing Item排列五众彩中三码多少钱排比 Free Wifi Internet

Dedicated Servers
We offer the best servers at affordable price with premium bandwidth

    Listing Item Secure data center

    Listing Item排列五众彩中三码多少钱排比 Supercharged servers

    Listing Item No setup fees

    Listing Item排列五众彩中三码多少钱排比 Premium bandwidth

    Listing Item Fast setup

    Listing Item 24/7 tech support

Your cloud-powered Virtual Private Servers at a great price

    Listing Item Instant setup

    Listing Item Increase operational efficiency

    Listing Item排列五众彩中三码多少钱排比 Reduce IT costs

    Listing Item排列五众彩中三码多少钱排比 High levels of privacy and security

    Listing Item Flexibility and easy control

    Listing Item Free reinstalls

Why choose Wired Blade?

  • Experience

    Years of experience

    More than 15 years of experience have provided us with the ability to arm you with enterprise quality tools.

  • Excellent Service

    Excellent service

    Our innovative administrators and developers constantly research and improve our infrastructure to make sure our service remains top notch.

  • Excellent Support

    Clueful support

    Not only do we offer responsive technical support, we also equip you with efficient tools to resolve issues.

  • DDNS Value Pricing

    Best value pricing

    We take pride in our contribution towards the online community and offer services at affordable price.

Dynamic DNS Service User Testimonial

Very impressed!

"I experienced 100% uptime with instant support, and at such a reasonable price. I have moved in all my servers and will surely recommend you!"

排列五众彩中三码多少钱排比    -Luke Moore

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